13 Most Beautiful… Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests

Andy has long since left the building, but his factory keeps cranking out the product. For the artsy-fartsy among us, the along awaited “authorized” DVD of Andy Warhol’s films. Brought to you by the good folks at The Andy Warhol Museum, 13 Most Beautiful…Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests features 13 of Warhol’s classic silent film portraits. Subjects inlcude Nico, Lou Reed, Edie Sedgwick, Dennis Hopper, and more. Shot between 1964 and 1966 at Warhol’s Factory studio in New York City, the Screen Tests are presented with newly commissioned soundtracks by Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips. The limited edition DVD is presented in a deluxe gatefold LP-style package with an exclusive poster and booklet. In addition, one frame from each of the 13 Screen Tests has been hand-printed as an archival gelatin-silver photograph in an edition of 100. Your choice of one of these individual prints is included. The retail DVD is presented in a slipcovered hard-bound book package. Get more info on the DVD and the limited edition version.Picture 14

Underground Publisher Holed Up in Tranquility

Editors Note: Recluse Indiana street rag publisher, amateur magician and EagleScout Storyteller Jack Merde, long absent from the alternative art scene he helped create, has reportedly been found in an obscure corner of western New Jersey.

By Don Berry

According to unconfirmed reports, the Merde Compound, an impenetrable fortress, heavily mortgaged, at an unspecified location in Tranquility, New Jersey, is the principal residence of the obscure writer hermit.  Aerial photographs of the expansive grounds show a large pool complex with waterfall, cabana and extensive landscaping. The pool complex is believed to have been used primarily for entertaining during Merde’s second marriage to a trophy wife. Neighbors report only rare sightings of the reclusive Merde over the past several years as he rarely leaves the confines of the compound. There are unverified reports of a late model European sports car speeding away from the estate in the hours shortly after midnight. Few people are known to have actually entered the residence located within the compound. There are verified accounts of a basement theater with a stage and Broadway-style curtains where Merde performs an unusual magic act assuming the alter ego, Doctor Mentallo. The basement is also known to house the “Wall of Celluloid,” a massive collection of movies on Blu-Ray, DVD and VHS. Little else can be confirmed. Rumors that Merde had recently installed a stripper pole in his basement theater were traced back to a local contractor who refused to comment on the record for this reporter.

epic journey

By Tim Brickley

roam freely,
young luminous gods
i was one, once
adventuring for the first time
in what were then-new
golden meadows.
they had come out of the woods and
she is covered in a shawl
her beaming soul uncoverable
the boy with the lock of gold
hair falling into his face has
taken to a walking stick,
the black-haired boy
is walking backward, looking out
for the maiden
and his friend
you are all in love
the boys,
each boy to the girl
whatever you will choose
it can be an
epic journey