Happy Xmas Beatles Nativity

Beatles with Baby Ringo by DRheins
Beatles with Baby Ringo, a photo by DRheins on Flickr.

Every year at this festive time, the creative folks at hit city recording (Producers of Different Beat Radio) in Indianapolis decorate their SoBro (South Road Ripple) retro recording studio with a kitschy-Christmas collection of nostalgic and wacky rock and roll memroabila, including the famous (and sometimes controversial in this still conservative midwestern town) Beatles Cresh complete with Baby Ringo.

Studio chief, Tim Brickey (he of Bleeding Hearts and Phoenix Theatre Fame) and the brains behind the Rock n Roll Xmas installations explains to Free Pamphlet:  “It’s all in good fun. Besides, Xmas in Sobro just wouldn’t be complete without our Beatles Nativity Scene.” Talk about Cool Yule.

On The Road (in the iPhone Future)

Videophone chats
with my brother,
earlier Minnesota stormclouds
on my radar,
now listening to Brian Eno
“Ambient 1 / Music For Airports”
for the very first time,
crossing these actually-purple prairies
for the very first time,
both of my road-lovin’ Jacks
smiling down at me
from the shining silvery
Dakota dusk tonight.

*     *     *

Tim Brickley