Sublime — I Smoke Two Joints

“She was living in a single room with three other individuals. One of them was a male and the other two, well, the other two were females. God only know what they were up to in there. and furthermore Susan, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them hibitually smoked marijuana cigarettes… reefers”
I smoke two joints in the morning.
I smoke two joints at night.
I smoke two joints in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright
I smoke two joints in time of peace, and two in time of war
I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints,
and then I smoke two more

Smoked cigarettes ’til the day she died, toke a big spliff of some good sensimillia smoked cigarettes ’til the day she died toke a big spliff of some good sensamill…” “Easy-E were ya ever caught slippin’ Hell no!

Daddy he once told me “son you be hard workin’ man” and Mamma she once told me “son you do the best you can”
but then one day i met a man who came to me and said
i’ve worked good
and i’ve worked fine
but first take care of head

Chimes of Freedom

Chimes of Freedom features a stellar and diverse group of artists across the generational and musical spectrum. The performers, including many of Amnesty International’s longtime supporters, range in age from  Miley Cyrus, 19, to folk music legend Pete Seeger, who, at 92, records Dylan’s poignant “Forever Young,” with a children’s chorus.The diversity of the musicians and musical genres — from rock, rap, hip-hop to pop, folk, country, jazz and blues — attests to Amnesty’s depth of support in the music community, the universal appeal of the core message of human rights, and the breadth of Dylan’s impact on culture. Almost every track on the album is being released for sale for the first time* — except for the title song, Dylan’s original 1964 recording of “Chimes of Freedom.”

What’s the Difference?

“There may not be much difference, between Chairman Mao and Richard Nixon, if we strip them naked,” Yoko Ono reminds us in this classic cut from the Plastic Ono Band’s Sometime in New York City LP. Chock full of revolutionary protest songs (from Attica State to Angela Davis) and stuffed with a petition to allow John to fight an unjust deportation, SINYC is like a musical time capsule capturing the last rebel yell from the era of the Sixties street-fighting man.

Feeling nostalgic for some Elephant’s Memory Band? It’s only a click away. It’s all free for your listening pleasure on Yoko’s Soundcloud site.

We’re all water from different rivers
That’s why it’s so easy to meet
We’re all water in this vast, vast ocean
Someday we’ll evaporate together

Yoko’s Wish Tree

When You Wish Upon a Tree at the Hirshhorn

by Brandon Springer — Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden for

Some wish for their mothers. Some wish for their fathers. Some wish for siblings or friends, children or partners. Some wishes are rather rude. Some wishes are earnest and sweet.

Yoko Ono’s Washington D.C. Wish Tree is back in bloom in the Hirshhorn sculpture garden this summer.

The tree has stood in the sculpture garden since 2007. It is one of many wish trees around the world installed by Ono as a part of her international peace project IMAGINE PEACE (the name a reference to her late husband’s celebrated album and song).

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Sign Yoko’s No Guns Petition

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Dear Family of Peace
Too many innocent people & children are victims of tragic shootings.
Let’s stop criminals getting guns.
Yoko Ono Lennon

Sign The Petition. Close The Loophole.
Background Checks for all sales at Gun Shows

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