Oregon Seeks to Avoid Washington’z Marijuana Legalization Mistakez

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Oregon benefits from the successes in Colorado.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com/photodoctor

Colorado and Washington State made history in 2012 by legalizing the personal possession of marijuana and establishing recreational marijuana markets. Both states also allow for medical marijuana, but the effect legalization has had on medical marijuana patients in those states is vastly different. As Oregon seeks to legalize marijuana in 2014, it benefits from the successes in Colorado and fights to avoid the mistakes made in Washington.

Successes in Colorado

In Colorado, activists behind the Amendment 64 campaign to legalize marijuana created a legalization framework that respects Colorado’s highly successful medical marijuana program. Existing dispensaries are given first dibs at the new recreational marijuana business licenses and regulations for the recreational market will mirror some of the medical regulations. A single state agency — the Marijuana Enforcement Division — will oversee compliance for both medical and…

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