Anything Will Help 2012, Portland Oregon

By SKAM sticker via Flickr

Portland, Oregon 2012
Big ups to the visual assault crew for putting this awesome install together, and many thanks to the jack london bar in downtown portland for the space and letting us go hog wild.

The Jack London bar was also featured in the summer issue of playboy magazine, voted as one of the best bars in united states! Number 1 in portland!!!!!!
the install is still up today and doing well. go check it out!!!!

for the anything will help show the theme was cardboard art….then maybe some stickers/posters……we got alot of people who just said fuck it and didnt follow the rules and just sent stickers and posters which is completely fine…..

but we actually ran outta room for this install…..i still have a ton of stickers/posters that people sent that i will save for future events/installs

Artists who did the install
Rx Skulls
Peel Your Face Off
Dr. Rasterbator
The Lost Cause
Poop Mouth


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