Fine Line Between Corporate and Corrupt

I'm Not Anti-Corporation, I'm Anti-Corruption Copyright Tweegram

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One thought on “Fine Line Between Corporate and Corrupt

  1. “I’m not anti-corporation, I’m anti-corruption.”

    I’m much afraid there is little point in being the latter without being the former. Any political, social, or economic system where wealth and/or power is devolved upwards into fewer and fewer hands is not only open to corruption, it is corrupt. When Thomas Jefferson said “I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and defiance to the laws of our country” it was already too late; government by the people in co-operating free assemblies was already suppressed in favour of centralism and an elective oligarchy, the American Revolution had, like all others throughout history, failed because it had not been pushed through to liberty. Those who, in our age, argue that liberty consists solely in the ‘right to retain the fruits of ones labour’ have a view of freedom so lop-sided, so biased in favour of the devolution of power and wealth upwards into the hands of a minority, that the very word ceases to have any meaning. We live in a world where if I give a pound to a homeless person, within an hour it will have passed into the hands of someone richer – and so on up the ‘food chain’.

    As the politics and economics of greed fail the world and our resources run dry, only pushing through our popular movements to absolute, inclusive liberty where – for once, and once-and-for-all! – we do not overturn one set of oligarchs simply to install another, is essential, vital! Mutual aid, and democracy devolved to its lowest possible level are now essential, vital. The replacement of monetary reward with the appreciation of the mutual value of work is essential, vital.

    Imagine ten people standing on the bank of a river. All ten must get across and there is one boat. Under capitalism the rules say they must fight for the boat and only one can get over. Under communism the rules say everyone must get into the boat at once even if it sinks. In the world of mutual aid the rules are irrelevant as long as we help each other to get across.

    Thank you – I apologise for hi-jacking this post and will now get down from my soap-box.

    Marie Marshall

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