Stewart Brand: Worth His Salt

The best new thing we’ve discovered today is the free Podcasts by Visionary Thinker Steward Brand on iTunes.  Brand, known as the genius behind the Whole Earth Catalog, seminal web community the WELL and author of such classics as How Buildings Learn: What Happens After They’re Built,  is now the president and driving force behind the “Long The Now Foundation”.

Well, after listening to the man espouse via Podcast, we did a bit of surfing and found out that he has a new book that’s just come out, The Salt Summaries. We are excited to check it out and figured Free Pamphlet readers would be as well so we pass it along here before we’ve actually read it.

Here’s what Brand has to say on his website about The Salt Summaries

It’s the most condensed writing I’ve ever done, summarizing in a few paragraphs the ideas about long-term thinking of Jared Diamond, Craig Venter, Bruce Sterling, Jill Tarter, Martin Rees, Clay Shirky, Niall Ferguson, Jimmy Wales, Mary Catherine Bateson, Paul Hawken, Vernor Vinge, Ray Kurzweil, Sam Harris, Will Wright, Orville Schell, Nassim Taleb, Michael Pollan, Wade Davis, Lera Boroditsky, David Eagleman, Richard Rhodes, Paul Romer, Matt Ridley, and more…  Brian Eno wrote the Foreword.

SALT stands for Seminars About Long-term Thinking, the monthly talks I’ve been curating for The Long Now Foundation in San Francisco since 02003. After each talk I email out my summary of its most essential news. There have been 100 such talks and summaries now (some of them written by Kevin Kelly or Paul Saffo when I was out of town). These have been brilliant speakers, adroitly wrangled by Long Now staffers Danielle Engelman, Laura Welcher, and Alexander Rose—who are also responsible, along with Ben Keating, for this instant book.  Great videos of the talks are here.
                                          Stewart Brand, Photo by Ryan Phelan


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