Little Pieces of Life No1

‘Little Pieces of Life No1’
recycled mixed media on wood
18 x 18 inches

(For more information and photos, please visit:

This is part of a series of wonderfully colorful modern geometrics created entirely from recycled scraps of paper, books, magazines, junk mail, and consumer packaging. Each piece is hand cut by me, individually applied and layered on the wood, and completed with an incredibly rich coat of high gloss lacquer for an incredibly rich finish.

There is also a ‘hidden’ inscription located in each piece of this series which carries the title.

These works are extremely detailed and laborious —but I love the energy and the boldness of these pieces. It reminds me that life is complex but also wonderfully colorful!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

I can also with you to create a custom artwork for you in this style with your space and color preferences in mind.

Thanks so much!

🙂 Rosemary


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