Two Poems: Mrinal Parekh

I take you as you come

With a smile as bright as the day,
I invite your mystic lure.
Accept you as you come,
Unlike my contemporary mortals.

The calm that you portray,
Against the storm in my heart,
Tempts me to accept you,
Towards your widespread arms.

The darkness you emit,
You sit like a seductresss.
Men have feared your existence,
For the love of theirs.
I wish to explore your unknown kingdom

Men who have met you,
Never tell others of the ecstasy in your arms.
Men have tried to evade you for ages,
Yet you remain undefeated for ages to come.

Ignorance in men leads them to act,
In a very unlikely manner.
They tend to object to your presence,
The wish to avoid you,
Without realizing,
It is you they live for.
Ironic it is, the even die,
Trying to kill you.

I take you as you come,
Love you not, nor hate you.
Take you to be natural as breath,
You-the sister of life,
Men have often called you death.


Don’t worry as you move on the steps of destiny,
I will be there.
Don’t look at the past,
As the past is dead for long.
I will prevent you from looking back,
By impersonating a wall.

Look ahead:
Don’t worry if you fall,
I will be thereto hold you hand,
As a true friend.

Fear not when the weak stones of destiny crumble,
I will be the ladder to your destiny.
Don’t worry if your destiny is not seen,
I will show it to you,
Yet it will be the mere reflection of your destiny.

I will guide as a guide,
With the guidelines of life,
To lead you to your destiny.
Life will be easier to live.

I am what people always hope for,
I am what people call hope.

Mrinal Parekh


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