The Beatles ‘The Ballad of John and Yoko’


Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first mailing event of

ACORN PEACE by JOHN & YOKO Spring 1969

“Caught the early plane back to London
Fifty acorns tied in a sack
The men from the press said ‘we wish you success
It’s good to have the both of you back.”

The Ballad of John and Yoko
recorded by The Beatles, 1969.


3 thoughts on “The Beatles ‘The Ballad of John and Yoko’

  1. that’s the first time i ever knew what those lyrics really were: “fifty acorns tied in a sack!!” I always mumbled something meaningless when i got to that part .. thanks for sharing Dave!

  2. Doug — Glad to share the wealth. Actually, Yoko shared this nugget with us (click thru the image to her official site). I remember watching Yoko and John on the Mike Douglas show, where she left a pebble for the talk show host. She said she carried around a bag of pebbles and left one wherever she went…

  3. I like when an audience member challenged John on this and John got exasperated:

    John: Do you like trees?

    Audience member: Everyone like trees.

    John: Well, where do you think they come from, jam jars?!

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