Indian Poetry Festival

Crystals from the blue
Breath Spring all around the world
And charm flourishes

Land tilled,withered trees
Empty stomachs,icy looks
Summer all the way

P.Gopichand &P.Nagasuseela
Dept of English;J.K.C.College
Guntur-522006;A.P; India


3 thoughts on “Indian Poetry Festival

  1. The poem I just read seems to have no apparent
    connection between the idea and the image thus rendering the meaning nebulous.”Poetry, “as Keats said ,must come as naturally as leaves to a tree.”
    There should be no disjunction between the perception and image or metaphor.I care for this scrupulous adherence.

    I see a disjunction betwen image and perception.Poetry should adhere to some exactitude.Or else, it turns out to be a riotous imagination.

  2. My critique meant no offense.I felt that the poet had an ample opportunity to work through selective images which could have carried the poetic perception to more fluent and multiple levels. The poem of course did wonders in its present form but more could have been done.

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