Olympics are over, Human Rights are over.

Originally uploaded by Eric Lon



Not only do we enjoy posting pics (http://www.flickr.com/groups/citizenphotog/) we dig just browsing randomly. We find all kinds of good stuff, including this item, which we repost here for your edification:

 In the Olympics, who is winning? Who is loosing?
China has demonstrated his hability to organize triks.
On 9 July 2008 the arrogant chinese ambassador appeared on French TV. The criminal chinese leaders are not pleased because French President is planning to visit the Olympics. In addition of this declaration, the slave of the chinese serial killer’s president told that French Authorities should not receive HH the Dalai Lama when he will be travelling to France in August 2008.
The chinese communist leaders, who are not respecting Human Rights have no orders to give to French. This is an insult.
Games’over : free Tibet. Does the Chinese leader know that the modern Olympic Games were re created by a French noble: Baron Pierre de Coubertin? I dont think so.
Do these non educated leaders know that the Olympic device is: “healthy mind in a healthy body” ?
By capturing and raping Mont Everest to organize at the summit a Chinese circus with a torch lighted in Tibetan blood, they have killed the Olympics.
Eric Lon, French physical training teacher and mountain lover.
To know more, read my comments on my Flickr photos set: Dune skiing around Lhasa is no more possible
Visit this set within: www.travel-healthy.com


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