Where Have all the Goths gone?

The Cure

Originally uploaded by veroca66

by Veronica Carvallo

I couldn’t get lost in the Forest.

On Friday June 20th I went to the Madison Square Garden to see The Cure. I usually hate concerts at the garden and avoid them at any cost, although this time I made an exception… I was going to see The Cure! Needless to say I was a bit disappointed. For starters, the audience! WTF? Where are all the Goths? I admit I have a soft spot for “all things Goth”… sigh!

Concert begins. I am an old school Cure fan therefore wasn’t too ecstatic listening them play over and over terrible pop? songs that I have never heard of (I haven’t bought a Cure album since Blood Flowers). Like a little kid (already jumping in my seat), I just kept waiting for that moment: the synthesizer sounds begin to emerge… the tease continues.. the first guitar notes come in, you feel it, it’s coming… and then the drums kick in! The ULTIMATE song: “A Forest” is here! To my already broken heart this highlight moment for every Cure fan never arrived. It was all in my head. No Forest! Why??? I will never forgive them for that! Never!

Devastated, I said to myself at the end of the concert: at least you got to dance around like there was no tomorrow to “Jumping Someone Else’s Train”… I left the garden with a smile.

Veronica blogs at: http://withvelvetsparks.blogspot.com


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