“bomp ba-bomp bomp bomp bomp”

Hey, Bo Diddley!  We’re gonna miss ya.

Bomp ba-bomp bomp bomp bomp.  Play that riff and you know the oeuvre. The king of R&B guitar, and the author of that most famous blues guitar riff, the burly, bespeckled, mad-hatted, master showman whose funky odd-shaped guitars, and road-jam guitar style inspired countless musicians after him, legend Bo Diddley has passed.

It was often said (mostly by Bo himself) that there would never have been a Beatles, never a Rolling Stones, never a Rock & Roll Revolution, without Bo Diddley to school them all about this thing called Rock N’ Roll. It is true that first generation rockers viewed Bo, alongside Chuck Berry and Little Richard as pre-cursors to White Rock & Roll.  We revered them, inducted them into the Hall of Fame, but rarely played them anymore.

All I know is another Rock legend is gone. And, so I’m searching my stacks for Bo Diddley tunes, as I do on such occasions, and turning it up loud. Bomp ba-bomp bomp bomp bomp.

Here is what Rolling Stone is saying: Bo Diddley Dead at Age 79
6/2/08, 12:08 pm EST

Bo Diddley, one of the founding fathers of rock and roll, died today in his home in Archer, Florida, where he had lived for 20 years. The cause was heart failure, according to a spokesperson. Diddley performed live until May 2007, when he suffered a stroke; three months later, in August, he also suffered a heart attack. The spokesperson said that he was surrounded by family and friends when he died. Public and private services are scheduled for this weekend.



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