Just What America Needs

Ready or Not, Free Pamphlet Joins The Blogosphere

Another blog. Another blogger, a bit more bloviation. More user-generated, spur-of-the-moment, off-the-cuff, uninformed, over-inflated, passion-driven pantomine.
Free Pamphlet Publishing is happy to give the world what it has not yet asked for; we offer up yet
another un-needed opinion platform. But hey, who cares what the country needs. For a long time now it has not been about Need. Greed, maybe. Creed and Screed, but not Need.
The game today is about Want, about Aspiration, about Conspicuous Consumption.
We demand our rights.
The right to drive our gas-guzzling SUVs. The right to buy McDonald’s dollar menues
with our debit card. The right to speak when we have nothing to say.
And with promiscuous Mother Technology as our seducer/enabler, we take the deep plunge
into the thick waters of social media.
You, dear reader, are reaching this message via the blogosphere.
Heck, you probably have a blog or two of your own, and more than likely you found us
as you were Googling your own name in hopes of finding a new node in your web ring.
And if you are not self-interested or ambitious enough to have yet created your web site, blog,
Facebook, Myspace, Digg, LinkedIn, Microsoft Live Office, Yahoo, Google or equivalent free website
you simply aren’t living up to your potential.
Come on in, join the party. Hell, everybody else is already here. We at Free Pamphlet Publishing celebrate the Cosmic Giggle. We embrace the digital individual future.
We have been airing the views of the passionate prolific since our creation in 1959.
Through underground magazines and music columns,through school publications, literary magazines
college radio and cable access we have been busy a long time spreading the good word.
We love technology. We remember that once we banged away on manual Smith Coronas, and dreaded the mess carbon copying and blue sweet smelling mimeograph.
We eventually cut our hair, got a job, and moved our fingers across corporate selectric typewriters.
Later, we groped our way with the finicky WANG word processor, and played with 5 1/4 floppy disks.
There were early years when we created hot type working the old linotype. Later, in secret, we used the company photocopier, joining the Xerox Art movement, we thought of Warhol as we created
blowups of girlfriends in huge dot matrix that we hung in bachelor apartments as pop art.
We were early to experiment with wysiwyg, playing desktop publisher. We joined Compuserve,
Prodigy, Delphi, America Online and even visited Pathfinder, but found it without humor too full of ads, and so left to explore the outer reaches of the net. We grew up staring into the cathode ray of the black and white set. We remember the first color televisionl Black Gloved American Olympiads raising Black Power fists onto the Wide World of Sports.
Today, we take our evening meals in front of the big screen plasma, ingesting the regurgitations of the tv news machine;  masticating while the bloody images of war and genocide pulse over us, punctuated only by pharmaceutical ads and the twittering non-sensical laughter of the well-coiffed anchors.
Now, plugged and bluetoothed into the world wide web, we find ourselves truly part of a global tribal movement. The pavement is cracking, and the young tender grasses of free thinking and original thought are sprouting everywhere. Music and art and thought and expression flourish. We celebrate the Cosmic Giggle.
we are a nation that is bleeding at home and abroad. A country in moral, spiritual and economic crisis, internally and externally hemorrhaging under the weight of its present and its past.  The sqawk boxers on CNBC tell me we are over-leveraged and over-stuffed. They blame the Chinese. They blame the credit crisis, mortgage crisis, immigration crisis.
They give us reason to be afraid:
terrorists on every street corner, the sickly dollar in freefall, housing in depression, imminent recession, depression. Our food, air, water is poisoned.
The airwaves are full of hate and advertising. And still the consumer cannot seem to get enough stuff.
Like the rat that noses the buzzer, we want our fix. Give us this day our daily bread.
And all the while we sacrifice our civil rights in the name of security.
Empty your pockets and take off your shoes before entering the conveyor belt. Smile at the camera.
And if you have a problem with that, please step this way. We demonize all that is not aligned and commercialized. We are frightened by anyone who doesn’t fall into lock step.
America as a civilization used to represent the four freedoms (or so my stamp collection would suggest) what philosophy do we now purport to export? What will the history books record as our societal contribution to the evolution of mankind? And what of our disrespect of the planet?
The pollution awareness Earth Day movement of the 1970s has morphed into today’s Global Warming “Go Green” Al Gore movement.
There sure seems to be greater awareness, and certainly a heck of a lot more Green products and Green ad campaigns. But like the anti-labor, anti-civil rights, anti-feminist,
anti-gay, pro-war, pro-lifers before them, today’s reactionary Fox News religious right-wingers scoff at the notion of global warming. How could our styrofoam lifestyle harm anyone? Insignificant Man
could never change God’s universe.
Meanwhile, the polar bears dog paddle through the sauna seas
up north.

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